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The growth of the cryptocurrency market is sky-rocketing. More and more people are wishing to trade cryptocurrency as it offers huge benefits. Binance customer care On the ground, you will find several Cryptocurrency exchanges that help you to sell and buy the cryptocurrencies. Binance is one of the popular and quickly growing exchanges in the market.

Within the five months of launch, it becomes the 10th biggest cryptocurrency exchange. Multiple factors are behind the popularity of the Binance, which includes the clean interface, use of multiple languages, and high data processing speed. Keep in mind that Binance is the cryptocurrency exchange only. It does not support the fiat deposits.

Apart from offering excellent exchange service, it also provides the best in class customer support care to help the users who are confronting issues and hassles. Keep reading the following section to know more details about the Binance customer care.

A few words about | Binance customer care

As the digital currency exchange market is filled up with several varieties of choices, people often get confused about what to choose. Even though many exchanges are accessible on the ground, Binance is something unique and different. Binance is a popular and famous cryptocurrency exchange. It was started in China but later moved its headquarters to the Island of Malta in the EU, which is a crypto-friendly destination.

Binance is highly popular for its crypto-to-crypto exchange services. It was launched in the year 2017 and reached the position of a top crypto exchange in the world. It is the best cryptocurrency exchange regarding the customer support, security aspects, trading fees/limits, and much more

Why should open the account?

Binance is growing at a higher rate and rendering the outstanding service. If it follows continuously, then it will become the biggest and popular crypto exchange according to the trading volume. Along with this, many newly introduced tokens or coins, which have the ICO would have a greater tendency to be listed on the Binance when compared to various other big exchanges.

Have you ever missed the ICO? Do you wish to catch the hold of the specific coin? One of the highly recommended exchange choices is the Binance. Its huge trading volume equates to the best pricing and higher probability of your buying and selling orders. It helps you to perform all kinds of the trading without experiencing any hassles. It gives you a secure platform to purchase and sell the cryptocurrency.

Open the Binance account

As soon as you decide to use the Binance exchange, it is extremely important to open the account. It helps you to do all the transactions safely and securely. Here are the steps to follow to open the Binance account.

Go to the official site of Binance. Examine the URL and check for the availability of a Secure certificate to authenticate whether it is the original website

Press the register tab available at the top right corner of the webpage. You are asked to provide the necessary information. Create a strong password and verify
yourself. Press the register button to proceed further.

After receiving the confirmation email, you can log in to the account. If you log in for the first time, a pop-up will appear on the screen. Enable 2-factor authentication immediately to enhance your security.

That’s enough! You are now able to deposit the cryptocurrency tokens or coins into your Binance account.

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Sign up and login | Binance customer care

If you want to use the Binance exchange, you have to create an account first. To do so, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the above section. The process behind this exchange is entirely straight-forward and simple. You need not verify your account for level 1. It is because this level has a 2BTC daily withdrawal limit. You will be allowed up to do 100BTC per day for level 2. For that, you have to upload the photo ID and then wait until you are getting approval.

The time required for verification is differing based on how busy the website support team is. It is always better to plan whenever you want to withdraw the larger amounts. Ensure that this step is completed before depositing and starting trading the huge sums on the exchange. In this way, you can go ahead and fund your Binance account. Even though a multitude of digital currencies is there, it is always suggested to stick with ETH or BTC.

Do you want to fund your account? Navigate to funds -> deposits/withdrawals link available at the top of the website. Next, find the currency you want to send and then press the deposit button. It will render you the wallet address and then send your funds to this address to start trading on this platform. Based on the currency you deposit, it takes different times to show up. For example, currencies such as Ethereum are much faster than Bitcoin that you can take a while.

Your account is now funded and starts trading, investing, and exchanging in different digital currency pairs. Binance used to provide several options because they support all kinds of the digital currencies. At the same time, it can be accessed to generate limits as well as market orders. You should understand it’s working before start trading so that you tend to stay away from many problems.

Is it safe to use Binance?

Yes, it is extremely safe to use this platform to do crypto trading. Even though it is the newest cryptocurrency exchange accessible on the market, it has managed to attain a high level of trust from the users and the entire digital currency community. It uses the latest technology to secure the user’s information. At present, two-factor authentication is accessible that helps you in many ways. It also renders multi-tier system architecture to render enough protection.

Steps to deposit

After opening the Binance account, do you think about how to start a deposit? Follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

Go to the deposit page and press the deposit/withdrawal button available under the fund’s table.

Search for the coin you wish to deposit and tab the deposit button. It is mandatory to click the deposit button, which is specific to the coin, which you are going to deposit

Then, transfer your coins to the generated address. Finally, view your history by navigating to funds -> deposits/withdrawals tab

How to contact Binance

While accessing Binance exchange, do you confront certain issues and problems? Do you not know how to sort out them? Keep in mind that it is always better to join hands with Binance customer care. Even though Binance is extremely popular in the cryptocurrency exchange market, tons of users contact the Binance for support and various other issues.

You can also follow the same method because Binance never hesitates to help its users. Even with the latest technologies, getting the problem when using the exchange is a normal aspect. So, do not be panic and do everything with extra care. Here are the major ways to reach the Binance support service.

Submit the email request

The first method to get the Binance customer care service is submitting the request through the email. Experts will answer your support ticket through email. It is always recommended that users choose the right issue type whenever it comes to submit the ticket to accelerate the customer service. The major issues filed by the users so far are listed below.

  • App does not work
  • Help with the trade, account, and SMS authentication
  • API issues
  • Promotions
  • Google authenticator
  • Help with the security issues and deposits/withdrawals

Some major type of these issues also contains the sub-issues for further specificity. Keep in mind that every issue has its own needed fields. Users should fill out everything before submitting the email request. For instance, if you need assistance with the Binance deposit, it is necessary to have the information ready to provide. It includes the email address, type of deposit issues such as wrong payment ID, not receiving the confirmation email, etc. Then, you need to subject the request, provide a detailed problem description, Binance email account, name of coin in which you have trouble, and transaction ID and address.

As soon as you have submitted the request, you need to log in to your Binance account. Take some time and check the request status by checking your email. Do not forget that Binance customer support is always there for solving your problems. Never hesitate to contact the support team whenever you want help. A team of well-trained and qualified experts will respond to your tickets and resolve the issues quickly. It takes about 2-3 days to get a response to your request.

• Call the support number

One of the best ways to engage with the Binance customer care is by calling the corresponding support number. Ensure you are using the official support number because many scammers are available in the market. They divert your focus and steal cryptocurrency from your account. Regardless of what kind of support you access, it is better to check with the official page of the Binance.

Upon getting the support number, you need to call that number from your mobile and speak with the experts. Usually, experts provide the service in your convenient language so that do not feel overwhelmed. Try to be open and tell the exact issue you are confronting. Do not forget to ask the questions that come to your mind. After hearing your issues patiently, experts will guide you to travel on a specific path. It fixes the issues in a short time.

In most cases, the recommended solutions are enough to stay away from that problem permanently. It means you would never confront the same issue again. Additionally, you will be suggested to follow certain measures to keep your account trouble free. As the support team is accessible 24×7, you can reach them whenever you want.

Through social media

Even though Binance handles the requests through its websites, users can take access to the social media to find the answer for binance related inquiries. Social media platform helps you to join hands with the Binance community. It helps you to chat with others who use Binance or confronting the same issue.

Keep in mind that you should aware of the scammers. If you want to know the official social media platforms in which Binance operates, check out its contact page. At present, Binance is available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Steemit, Reddit, and website. You can reach any one of the platforms based on your needs.

Reach the support page

Do you feel that email support is not faster? You can check Binance’s support page for finding the potential answers for queries. Keep in the mind reaching the support page is not the exact way to contact the Binance. The users can resolve their problems and issues without contacting the Binance team. All you need to do is checking the support database and find the relevant answer for your queries.

Under the FAQ (frequently asked question) section, you find many articles on many topics such as deposits, trading, withdrawals, two-factor authentication, security, and account access issues. You can look at the article that is related to your issues. On the support page, you will also fund the announcement section, which answers questions, which users may have regarding things such as coin listings, new crypto, and the latest Binance related news. You can find the support page in different languages.

Bottom line

Similar to other cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance grows heavily because of the increased interest in the cryptocurrencies and the entry of more users across the space. Along with the huge growth, it comes with some pains. Some Binance users have complained about the slow performance and much more.

Unlike before, Binance’s customer support is unlimited. You can get the expert help in several methods and get rid of the issues you confront immediately. You can submit the email request to contact the Binance. Or else, you can refer the Binance’s support page or even social media pages for getting more information.

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