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Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. There are different methods to trade bitcoin such as peer to peer, broker method, exchange, and Bitcoin ATM. You can choose the best method or buy or sell bitcoin. Bitcoin Depot is one of the popular growing multi-cryptocurrency ATM networks in the world. They allow you to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin immediately at different places around the country.

Bitcoin Depot is a famous operator, which operators with the Genesis coin. The operator has installed the ATM from different locations. Bitcoin Depot’s main objective of installing this machine is a convenient and safe cryptocurrency transaction. There was increasing the demand for physical feel while having bitcoin transaction that is same as money ATM that gives people with higher trust.

Bitcoin ATM gives the best substitutes to the people who don’t like to buy or sell bitcoin through the online cryptocurrency exchanges. You can search for bitcoin depot atm near me and find ATM to buy or sell cryptocurrency quickly. In this article, you can get everything about bitcoin depot ATM such as about bitcoin ATM, how to buy or sell bitcoin through ATM, benefits, and more.

Overview of Bitcoin Depot ATM

Bitcoin Depot is a reputable Bitcoin ATM platform in the United State. They provide huge benefits to users. Bitcoin depot ATMs are situated in several locations such as supermarkets, airports, shopping malls, retail shops, restaurants, convenience stores, tavern, and others. It is used as a popular form of cryptocurrency transaction method due to its convenience and security. The Bitcoin ATM provides immediate verification and people can create an account. They are verified in a few minutes and transaction is processed by the bitcoin depot ATM quickly. Now the people can exchange money for various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The user can select the cryptocurrency based on your choice.

Different methods to find Bitcoin ATMs

The BATM is a device like a normal currency ATM from that the user can withdraw the bitcoin. Finding the exact location of the bitcoin depot automatic teller machine is no simple task. Numerous services allow you to find the bitcoin depot atm near me. Take a look at how to find BATM near your location.

Coin ATM Radar

Coin ATM Radar is one of the services and it keeps track of all bitcoin ATMs in the world. With the help of this service, you can search the Bitcoin automatic teller machine near you without hassle. This website can be accessed from both iOS and Android mobile applications. It can help people who travel frequently can find BATM. To find the bitcoin ATM near you, you can type the address in the search bar or zoom in on the map and Bitcoin ATM statistics available. Click on submit new BATMs and support different digital currencies that will locate the BATM. By using this portal, you can get lots of benefits such as find a BATM map, locate bitcoin ATM near you, get directions to ATM center and get complete details about a certain ATM center (limit, currencies, and fee). There are different methods of using this website, so let’s see all methods.

Bitcoin ATMs World Map

The users can go to the portal which has a live map of bitcoin ATMs and find the machine closet to you. Enter your location and click on the search ATM option. Then select the nearest ATM device and tap to see all details of limit, price, and others. Hit on getting directions to get the map directions and location to ATM.

Bitcoin ATM by country and address

It is also possible to find the BATM by entering your address. You can enter an accurate address for the best result of the BATM closet to you using this service. If you need to find the ATMs country wise then you can explore the bitcoin maps in a particular country and choose the nearby location to buy bitcoins.

Features of bitcoin depot ATM

  • Bitcoin Depot automatic teller machines let the people buy various cryptocurrencies instantly like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Compared to other methods, ATM cryptocurrency transaction is easy and faster. Bitcoin ATM has lots of features so you must understand its feature before using this machine to buy or sell bitcoin.
  • The bitcoin depot ATMs do not take the crypto ownership and it offers high security. It means that the bitcoin transaction is secure and the user can select the bitcoin wallet as per their choice.
  • You don’t want to wait in a long time to buy or sell the bitcoin. The ATM bitcoin transaction is processed instantly like other methods.
  • Bitcoin depot offers 24/7 hours of customer support service. So you can contact the technician at any time you need and get a solution for your query. The professionals are away ready to clear the customer doubt.
  • In the bitcoin depot ATM, you can purchase or sell three different cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum as well as Bitcoin.
  • The bitcoin account is created and verified quickly with the bitcoin depot ATMs. Some methods can take even a week to approve an account and you need to submit lots of documents to create an account.
  • One more feature in the bitcoin depot is convenient. It offers a convenient and simple way to purchase or sell bitcoin with more than two-hundred ATMs in the country. Many ATMs are available around the clock.

How to buy and sell bitcoin using BATM?

BATM is a kiosk that is connected to the internet and let the people buy or sell Bitcoin using ATM. To purchase the bitcoin, you need to insert cash or credit card in the automatic teller machine. Bitcoin ATM is looked similar to the normal ATM but this machine doesn’t connect to your bank account. Instead, it is connected the customer to bitcoin exchange directly for a simple way to buy cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin automatic teller machine provides bi-directional functionality that allows you to purchase bitcoin and sell bitcoin. Let’s see step by step to buy or sell bitcoin using BATM.

Procedure to buy bitcoin using bitcoin ATM

If you are using the BTM for the first time and need to buy bitcoin then you can follow the below-given steps.

  • Click on start option on the screen
  • Choose to buy bitcoin option in the menu
  • Pick the bitcoin how much you would like to purchase
  • Then enter a mobile number to receive the verification code
  • Now type code on the box
  • Enter wallet address manually or choose QR wallet address
  • Enter the option of cash bills
  • Hit on confirm option for transaction
  • Tap on the print receipt
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will obtain a receipt
Steps to sell bitcoin using bitcoin ATM

Do you need to sell bitcoin through the BATM? If yes, you are landed at the right place. Here you can get tips on how to sell bitcoin through the BATM.

  1. Tap on the Start button on the screen
  2. Choose the withdraw cash option
  3. Enter how much bitcoin you would desire to withdraw
  4. Send bitcoin amount to a specified address
  5. Now you can withdraw the cash bill from the ATM
Reason to use bitcoin ATM to get cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin ATMs are called kiosks and are the biggest growing sector due to the high demand for bitcoin transactions. Many people are using bitcoin ATMs to sell or buy the Bitcoin. The machine asks the users to scan the public address to that the bitcoin is transferred in exchange for fiat money they deposit into the automatic teller machine. If anyone doesn’t have an address then choose don’t have a public address option and the machine will generate the paper wallet for the user. The users can pick a bitcoin wallet from the given list that generates the bitcoin address. You can find a bitcoin depot atm near me by using popular service that gives you the option of searching a closet machine with the help of a BATM map. There are lots of reasons for using BATM to get bitcoins. Let’s explore some of the reasons:


The primary reason for using bitcoin depot ATM is privacy. When you buy bitcoin with coinbase or other you allow the bank to knows that then you are spending cash on cryptocurrency. Buying the bitcoin through ATM is the best choice to avoid scrutiny from the bank for purchasing bitcoin. BATM keep your transaction secure so nobody can find that you are buying bitcoin. It provides the print out paper wallet options that allow you to transfer bitcoin one wallet to another shortly.

Simple to use

If you are looking for a simple way to purchase bitcoin then BATM is the best choice. BATM is like a normal automatic teller machine. The people walk up to the ATM and interconnect with the display to deposit or withdraw cash. The users can put a similar amount in the machine-like usual ATM. BATM is an ideal place for new Bitcoin users to buy the seasoned cypherpunks for their simple interface.

Immediate liquidity

The BATM has the ability to provide instant liquidity. You can walk to the machine with cash and get bitcoin within a few minutes. The buyer doesn’t want to wait for many days to get the bitcoin from the exchange. Keep the money within the machine and get coins instantly. It can turn cash into the bitcoin in a few clicks on the ATM screen. There are lots of bitcoin ATMs available in the world. You can follow a simple procedure and get the bitcoin faster.

Final Words

Nowadays, the Bitcoin ATM is a great choice among people all over the world for selling and buying the bitcoin. By searching bitcoin depot atm near me online, you can find the BATM and get your bitcoin. If you need to avoid long waits and bank accounts to get bitcoin then you can use Bitcoin ATM.

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