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A bitcoin wallet is one of the software programs. It’s used to store the bitcoin information. It cannot be store anywhere to be strictly accurate, and there is a separate private key for each bitcoin address that can be saved in the user Bitcoin Wallet. It is like a digital bank account that lets the user send, receive, moreover manage the bitcoin. 

A bitcoin wallet provides ownership of the balance to the person. The users can purchase bitcoin at BTC Direct that they sent to the wallet. If you would like to send bitcoin someone, you can select the send option in a bitcoin wallet and enter the getting recipient address. Bitcoins will be sent to the wallet of recipients from your wallet.

It is the same as a traditional wallet so that you can carry it in your purse or pocket. It is simply used to store cash. Wallet stores a broad range of bitcoin private keys. Its user can manage the wallet, and it is critical to keep the bitcoin wallet secure by setting a secret password or tracking it by the hackers. 

Different kinds of Wallets

Bitcoin is the digital currency that needs a wallet like a real-money. It is mainly a group of computer codes, and users require a particular form of wallet to keep it secure against the theft. There are different kinds of bitcoin wallets available in the current marketplace. So you need to pick the right one and enjoy using the bitcoin—everyone offering several features makes you confused about selecting the wallet type. 

Each wallet should be traditional to the established Bitcoin protocol. They can be utilized to receive or send money despite their exact performance. A Bitcoin wallet is available in different forms, such as mobile, hardware, web, desktop, paper, and others. It is sheltered from unauthorized access and encrypted with a password. Take a more in-depth look at types of bitcoin wallets.

Desktop Wallets

  • The desktop wallet is one of the popular types. It is installed on the PC and offers you complete control in a bitcoin wallet. You can easily download and install the software easily on the desktop. 
  • It enables you to generate a bitcoin address for receiving and sending bitcoins without hassle. It lets you store a private key safely on the hard drive, which is merely probable to use money with the PC a bitcoin wallet is installed. 

Mobile Wallets

  • It is specially designed for mobile phone users. It means the Smartphone user can quickly scan QR codes that are very simple to navigate with the mobile phone. 
  • The users can access it while you are traveling, sitting in a restaurant, or waiting in the clinic. The wallet is available for all mobile devices like android, iOS, or others. 
  • A mobile phone wallet is a necessary tool that permits the user to access the Coins to send and receive on the go.
Web Wallets
  • Many people are using the web wallet for sending and receiving the bitcoin through the web browser. It is hosted by a bitcoin provider, which maintains the security of the private key combined with the account. 
  • This type of wallet offers the best ways for users to manage private keys. It is more convenient when compared to other types of bitcoin wallets. 
  • When you are using a web wallet, you don’t have to be anxious about accidentally deleting a bitcoin wallet from the desktop. You can find the bitcoin wallet number effortlessly. 

Hardware Wallet

  • It is a unique type of wallet that stresses your private key in the hardware device. A hardware wallet is specially designed to store bitcoins. 
  • This kind of wallet is hard for a malicious individual to compromise than a mobile purse or desktop wallet. The person utilizes minimum software needed to stores bitcoins securely.
  • Some types of hardware wallets have a screen that adds an extra layer of security in the wallet. It is used to examine and display critical details. It is used to build a recovery phrase and confirm the address and funds you desire to make payment.

Paper Wallets

  • A paper wallet is a document that holds a public address for receiving funds. It permits the users to transfer funds stored in that particular address. 
  • It is printed in the QR-codes form that the users can scan them. It can add the private key to the software wallet to make the coin transaction. 
  • One of the significant benefits of this wallet is that private key is stored offline that makes it protected to the hackers. 
Wallet ID – What is it?

A wallet identifier is also called a wallet ID. It is similar to a username that the user can use with their password during logging into the bitcoin wallet. You can access the digital asset by using the wallet ID. It contains thirty-two alphanumeric characters and four dashes. Look out the following format:

  • For example – 3KoX5AA7VTdcBTky12YEqafRtTeQo82RRt  

Each bitcoin wallet has a separate identifier that secures your funds. While creating a portfolio, an email contains the id, and on time, the users to confirm email will be sent automatically to the registered email address they logged in with. If anyone didn’t get the email, you could retrieve the identifier and restore access to the resource. The wallet can easily find the bitcoin wallet identifier and under settings option and click the general setting.

If anyone always wants to utilize a 12-word recovery phrase to get money, it will build a new wallet, which is an accurate copy of the original one. A new bitcoin wallet will have an exclusive identifier connected with it that allows you to access the wallet. You should store this wallet information securely. Make sure never to share this information publicly or direct messages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How to find the bitcoin wallet ID 

If you need to log in to the bitcoin wallet, then you want your wallet ID, password, as well as two-factor verification. The Wallet number is a string of random numbers and letters which act as the username. The user can easily find the bitcoin wallet ID.

  • To find the wallet ID, you need to navigate the general section of the setting menu. With a few seconds, you can find out the bitcoin wallet ID. 

Even though the bitcoin wallet number looks the same to an address and it cannot be used to request or send money.

Difference between wallet number and address: 

If you are using the bitcoin for the first time, then you should know the difference between the bitcoin wallet address and the number of bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin is a secure payment that can be used by many people nowadays. Let’s talk about the difference between the number of a bitcoin wallet and bitcoin wallet address. 

bitcoin wallet number  

  • The bitcoin wallet number is unique that carries out the secret essential function in the security system. This number is necessary to send or receive money, and it cannot be faked. 
  • The number of bitcoin wallet is hard to calculate. Even the most influential hackers don’t track this number. The owner of the wallet number has unlimited rights within the bitcoin system. 
  • The users can do whatever thing with the money which is allocated to the bitcoin account. They can able to commit new ones, stop old transactions, or see transactions chain.

Bitcoin wallet address 

  • The system is called a bitcoin address. It is the public key that can be provided to someone for the period of the transaction. The address can be an unlimited number that is generated at every transaction. 
  • The users need to send the bitcoin wallet address to the person who is transferring money to your wallet. Without the address, they cannot be able to transfer funds. 
  • Besides, having an unlock key to access it on sensitive information. It is stored anyplace and distribute on any resources as per your choice. The essential details about the transactions and the client can be stored in the chains.  

Steps on how to find my bitcoin wallet address

A wallet address is essential to send or request money in the bitcoin wallet. The address is strings of numbers as well as letters that look like wallet ID. The new bitcoin address is generated for each transaction in the wallet. It increases the security of money transfer. By clicking the request in the bitcoin wallet, you can find the address for the next transaction. By following the below-given steps, find out the bitcoin wallet address without any hassle. 

  • The first step is you need to sign up for your bitcoin account. 
  • You can visit My Wallets tab and click a bitcoin. 
  • Two buttons will be appeared, such as Send and Receive options. 
  • Hit on the receive option. The wallet address will pop up on the screen in the text and QR-code form.  

You can copy the bitcoin address by clicking the clipboard icon option. The user can give this address if anyone is sending bitcoin to you or otherwise transferring coins to someone. 

Safety tips for protecting bitcoin wallet 

You need to protect the bitcoin wallet safe, just like a physical wallet. If the wallet isn’t safe, theft and hackers might steal your funds quickly. Now there are many ways to protect a bitcoin wallet. By following below-given tips, you can secure the wallet:

  • You can select the Two Factor Authentication that may be complicated. It means you sign in with lots of devices. With this method, the theft can’t be able to access the bitcoin wallet with your password. The code is needed to access your wallet that could be sent to the users through SMS. 
  • Bitcoin wallet users can also find the Google Authenticator app. They want to scan a QR code in a bitcoin wallet to connect the app to their wallet. You can take backup QR code by printing it in case you lose the device. If the application is linked to a bitcoin wallet, it creates six-digit codes every thirty seconds. The users can enter the code to control the wallet.  
  • You never store the wallet details digitally like password, recovery speed, login name, and others. Avoid taking a picture with the mobile phone that makes it simple for online theft to access the wallet when you are connecting the data on your handset. 

Final thought 

Bitcoin is the best way to store your money. Before using the bitcoin wallet, you must know everything that will help you to use it properly. You can learn how to find my bitcoin wallet address by reading this article. You can realize that it is effortless to do it. 

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